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I was under Dr. Katie’s care during my pregnancy & she took very good care of me. She was recommended by a lot of other reputable local doctors, midwives, doulas, and registered nurses. I had a 5 star experience with Dr. K!


I'm not sure how I would've made it through the last months without your help. And afterward, you were the one who diagnosed Isla's ties, which made our breastfeeding journey so much easier.


If it weren't for your chiropractic care I don't think I would have been able to walk the last couple of months of pregnancy. In my opinion chiropractic care is a necessity in pregnancy!


Dr. Katie is a fabulous chiropractor! She is very patient with children and adults who normally don’t like being touched. Very conversational. Has great talent with making you feel better as well. She has helped my back pain hugely! My children look forward to going each month because they feel so much better after each visit. I recommend her to all my clients and anyone who complains about back or neck pain.

- KAY -

I began seeing Dr. Katie in my 2nd trimester and it helped relieve so many aches and pains as well as sciatica. We came back with my baby around 7 weeks and I’m so grateful we did! My baby was very fussy, lots of reflux, tongue tied, and had digestion problems. After all the work Dr. Katie has done we’ve seen a completely different baby, he’s so happy and going #2 every day. I highly recommend Dr. Katie to anyone and everyone, especially pregnant mamas and little ones!


- ZOEY O. -

I have been to chiropractors in the past who seemed to push visits and didn't ask how I was doing with the treatment. When I was having new issues including back pain, and headaches I decided to go see Dr. Katie. I brought my toddler also due to having some issues with constipation. Never have I felt more comfortable with a medical provider. I have been able to get care for my toddlers constipation, my headache relief, pain relief from everywhere, maternal care during and after, and most recently when I had a ankle injury. Dr. Katie truly does it all and works magic. She also has all the supplements ever needed. My daughter and I look forward to our visits with Dr Katie even if we only go once in a while. Seeing her be so gentle with my daughter and adjust her and help her is awesome to see. I recommend her to everyone that I can. I  Can't recommend  her enough. She is truly amazing and cares so much. Thank you Dr Katie!



I had never had chiropractic care before and was honestly skeptical about it but, during my second pregnancy, I developed horrible hip and pelvic pain. Some friends recommended Dr. Katie and I’m so glad I went. She was very gentle and explained everything she was going to do. Nothing was painful. In fact,  I joked that I had nothing done but I felt so much better afterwards. My trust in Katie also led me to bring my one week old daughter to her. My daughter had oral ties and I knew Katie was the right person to help her. Now I recommend her to all my pregnant friends!

- SARA W. -

I started seeing you around week 13 I believe. You explained everything you were doing, you were gentle and knew exactly what was going on and helped throughout the rest of my pregnancy up until the day my water broke! My OB agreed that seeing you was one of the only things that would help SPD during and after pregnancy! Dealing with infertility with our first will definitely make us see her when trying for another in the years to come as well! After, I trusted Katie to take care of my newborn and she was able to help us with oral ties and directing us on what our steps were and how it would effect him in the long run. She was very knowledgeable on many other topics as well throughout the first months.

- KAYLA P. -

I went to Truly Chiropractic throughout my whole pregnancy and I am so grateful I did! Katie helped me manage the aches and pains that come with being pregnant. She also gave me valuable advice on at home exercises and stretches to do while pregnant. As I got further along she gave me tips on how to prepare my body for labor. I had an incredibly quick and easy labor and I credit that partly to the adjustments and advice I was given at Truly Chiropractic.

My son was born healthy and beautiful! However, he was struggling with going to the bathroom. After we brought him in to be adjusted he immediately began having bowel movements with no problem and seemed to feel better. This relieved a lot of stress! Katie has been a blessing to our family and we plan on continuing to see her. I highly recommend Truly Chiropractic to anyone and everyone!



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