What we do

Chiropractic Assessment & Adjustments

Your initial visit will include a thorough examination of health history, a neurological evaluation, an orthopedic examination, and a general chiropractic assessment. If required, you will then be given your first adjustment in our office. Prior to adjusting during follow-up visits you may receive manual or instrument assisted soft tissue, heating, cooling, Rocktape, or rehabilitation exercises to help relieve symptoms and achieve optimal wellness.  


The Webster technique is a set of gentle chiropractic adjustments that help reduce tension in order to optimize function of the pelvis. This technique is used on pregnant women, women who experience painful menstruation, and men with pelvic/groin pain. Most commonly used during pregnancy when an expecting mothers' body is rapidly changing to accommodate a growing baby. During pregnancy a woman's body releases a hormone called relaxin to allow the necessary changes needed for carrying and birthing a baby. This causes the mother's ligaments to "relax" and thus introduces excess instability throughout her body. The Webster technique helps maintain optimal pelvic function throughout pregnancy and can be used throughout the entire pregnancy to reduce discomfort, help with pubic symphysis dysfunction, and may even contribute to reduced discomfort during labor.


Chiropractic care for infants and children is very gentle, involving very little pressure and is often more of a vibratory sensation. Many people are hesitant when it comes to chiropractic care for babies and children but I assure you this practice is worthwhile. Kids respond so rapidly and so well to care that parents often wonder why they didn't try chiropractic sooner!

Postpartum & Nursing

Dr. Katie believes that support is the key to healing and success in both the postpartum and breastfeeding journeys. She has additional trainings in both and will support you on an individual level through both. Women need someone that will focus on them more during the postpartum period and Dr. Katie does exactly that! Mental health check ins, keeping the pelvis aligned, assessing for diastasis recti, postpartum specific exercise instruction and more... women have so many postpartum needs that aren't being met and Truly Chiropractic is trying to help bridge the gap. While breastfeeding, Dr. Katie can help assess for palate issues that may impact latch, address side preference, and help combat what she calls "nurse neck" in mamas which is that sore/tight neck and mid back that occurs from staring at the precious tiny human you made.

Nutritional Counseling 

Dr. LaBarge offers individualized nutrition plans following an extensive history and dietary log. She uses the information you provide to come up with plans that are realistic for you and your lifestyle.

My Approach

 Dr. Katie will explain what she is doing every step of the way and will ask for your permission before incorporating any new tools or therapies during your visit. Going to a chiropractor for the first time,or even getting a new one, at any stage in life can be intimidating but by talking her way through your appointment she hopes to help settle any reservations you may have. Dr. Katie wants you to be completely comfortable before she adjusts you or your child for the first time and will be sure to walk you through each adjustment beforehand. For the comfort of expecting mothers, gentle contacts, pregnancy pillows, specific pregnancy techniques, and an activator, a gentle spring loaded adjusting tool, will help make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable. She also encourages that you ask any and all questions that come to mind during your visit. Please use the button below to ask any questions you may have or to schedule a time to further discuss chiropractic care with Dr. Katie!